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Father Absence and Systems Change:

There are an estimated 75 MM Fathers in the US, yet more and more children are growing up without their Fathers being at home--especially, Fathers of color.

Low-income men of color face many barriers in their ability to be fully present Fathers. Leading factors affecting the likelihood of living with their children can include marital status, age, education, race, income, ethnicity, and their own childhood experience. 

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Everyone is hurting: our children, families, and communities.

Decades of peer reviewed evidence, involving hundreds of studies across the globe, show a clear and direct causal link between Fatherhood, Father Absence, personal (child, Mother, and Father) and community well-being.

So clear is the evidence, that Father Absence was deemed "the single biggest social problem in our society..." in the late 1990s as the first national Presidential Fatherhood Initiative was established and funded by Congress. Since then, despite a heightened focus, much remains the same for too many urban families living in the cycle of trauma and violence. 

The need for prevention, intervention, and healing has never been greater.