Cesar Lagleva



Cesar was born in the Philippines, where he lived for 10 years before emigrating to the San Francisco Bay Area. Similar to many immigrants’ experiences, his family faced many challenges associated with acculturation and issues related to poverty. Even as a young adult, his dream was to be of service to disenfranchised people and communities. He obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work at San Francisco State University. 

Trained in multicultural/social justice education from the TODOS Institute, he has facilitated workshops and seminars on race, class and gender-based discrimination and inequities.

Cesar has worked as a licensed therapist for 15 years, specializing in multi-cultural youth and their families who are involved in the criminal justice system. He has worked collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team that includes teachers, school administrators, probation officers, attorneys, judges, police officers and non-profit service agency providers. He also provided clinical supervision to graduate-level clinical interns and provided ongoing in-house trainings on issues related to youth street gangs and community violence, chemical dependency and aspects of multicultural psychotherapy.

Cesar has fostered fourteen youth, focusing on raising teenagers from diverse cultural and familial backgrounds who have been removed from their families of origin due to abuse and/or neglect.



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