Man 2 Man

Job & Life Skills Training


In 2016, the Oakland Chamber of Commerce reported that the unemployment rates for Black and Latino residents in Oakland were at 9.7 and 7.1 percent respectively compared with 4.3 percent for white residents. In order to address this significant disparity, we created a free job preparation program to help our young men obtain and keep jobs. 

Man 2 Man - Urban Youth Advocate’s Job and Life Skills program is a free, community-based program which provides youth of color with the skillset to manage daily challenges, receive resources to achieve educational and vocational goals, and confidently engage with others and communicate effectively.  

Whether applying for a job, college or managing household activities, Man 2 Man UYA’s innovative curriculum guides these youths to make sensible choices that are beneficial to their futures. 


Participants’ steps to success in the job preparation program include:

Our job mentoring program also aids students in making the transition from school to work. Students are paired with professionals who serve as role models and expose participants to different career paths and work environments.


Teaching our youth how to plan for their future by setting realistic goals for today’s success is a key Man 2 Man – Urban Youth Advocate goal. Our life skills development program allows young men to learn respect for themselves and for others in order to manage their daily lives. If they do not respect themselves, it will be nearly impossible for them to respect others.  

Our classes focus on building confidence and developing positive self-images, which have the added benefit of increasing their success in school now and in future careers.

We believe it is imperative that these young men be transformed by renewing of their minds so that they can operate from a different perspective of living, which can be healthy as well as rewarding.