The IPV Program is a 52-week educational training on the causes of domestic violence and ways to prevent it.




Understanding Intimate Partner Violence

Definition and types of IPV.

The cycle of abuse.

Impact on victims.

Barriers to leaving.


Legal and Social Frameworks

Legal rights and protections.

Reporting IPV.

Support systems.


Intervention Strategies

Safety planning.

Conflict resolution.

Supportive communication.


Recovery and Support

Trauma-informed care.

Counseling and therapy options.

Building resilience.


Prevention and Education

Characteristics of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships.

Community awareness.

Bystander intervention.


Special Topics

 IPV in diverse populations.

Impact on children and support strategies.

Substance abuse and IPV.


Program Development and Evaluation

Designing IPV programs.

Monitoring and evaluation.

Implementation Considerations

Tailor duration and content based on the target audience.

Use a mix of teaching methods to engage participants.

Collaborate with local organizations and experts for comprehensive support.