Spirit Of Fatherhood



Wow, what an incredible night we had! We were absolutely thrilled to have the Warriors and Hennessy promoting Man 2 Man. The energy was electric from the start, and it just kept getting better!

We kicked things off with a fun warm-up, then dove into an epic passing game where groups aimed to move circles on the wall. The competition was fierce, and the teamwork was amazing!

Next, we took it up a notch with some intense shooting competitions. With lines for two-point, three-point, four-point, and even six-point shots, everyone brought their A-game. The excitement was off the charts!

But the real highlight was the panel discussion featuring myself, the legendary Adonal Foyle, and emceed by the incredible Bonta. We had 30 fathers in attendance, including several I worked with in San Quentin who are now released. Seeing them there was beyond inspiring!

After the panel, we headed to the rooftop where everyone picked up awesome gifts from the Warriors and Hennessy. We enjoyed delicious food, snapped some great photos, and had a fantastic time connecting and celebrating together.

This event was truly extraordinary, and I give all glory to God for allowing us to connect with the Warriors and be recognized as the face of the Golden State Warriors for fatherhood and families. A huge thank you to everyone who made this night so unforgettable! 


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