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Man 2 Man Urban Youth Advocate is a multifaceted intervention, recovery, educational support system for disadvantaged and marginalized youth and men of color.

With a focus on Fatherhood, the program provides an array of life skills that enhance mental, physical, spiritual, and financial development.



Man 2 Man – Urban Youth Advocate, is a nonprofit deeply committed to breaking the cycle of Father Absence for low-income families, by providing culturally relevant knowledge, skills, resources, and support for men to thrive as Fathers.

Informed and compelled by our lived experience, we harness decades of evidence-based research to design and customize our Fatherhood, and Life Skills curriculum to address the unique needs of children and families of color, and the low-income communities in which we live.

Since 2016, M2M has provided comprehensive programs, and wraparound services via key partners centered on healing and creating a new foundation for lasting systems change, based on new positive narratives, broad-based life skills, Fatherhood education, mentorship, social community, and job placement for young men--most of whom are currently living in poverty.

Strengthening Families – One Father at a Time


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Who's Your Daddy



The Men of KPAAPA

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Our urban communities continue to suffer
from the social ills of our time.
Yet most people are surprised to learn
of a profound root cause
at the heart of many of the seemingly
intractable issue of
Father Absence